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You must be properly trained and membership-level qualified to use the laser!


Our members pitched in and bought a laser for the space! It's a 45W Full Spectrum H-Series 20x12Desktop CO2 Laser, and can do raster engraving and vector cutting. It has a honeycomb cutting table surface, exhaust vent, and a removable bottom for cutting larger things. The laser tube is water cooled from the blue bucket under the table. With the printer driver, anything that can be printed can be laser'd, but it a bit easier to laser things in PDF or dxf format

Lasering area: 20” x 12”

Design Software

The computer next to the laser cutter is configured for member use and lasering. Here's a list of the installed design software:

  • Inkscape
  • Draftsight
  • FSL RetinaEngrave 3D drivers