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Jargon files exist as a list of jargon used by a space


Ad adverb or adjective that is (constantly) abused at Hive76. I'm not sure anyone really cares what it means.


General stUFF, Guff consists of all of the things (well, consumables) at the hackerspace that don't belong to a particular person, and are available to use. The general rule is that guff does not leave the space (you don't take it home for a project, or for personal use). But on the other hand, once something is part of a project or hack, it's no longer guff.


There are many definitions of hackerspaces, but it is generally agreed hackerspapaces meet at least 5 or 6 of the following guidelines:

  1. Owned and operated by it’s members in a spirit of equality.
  2. Is a nonprofit organization, and open to the outside world on a (semi)regular basis.
  3. Shares tools, equipment and ideas without discrimination.
  4. A strong emphasis on technology and invention.
  5. Has shared space (or is working on a space) as a center of the community.
  6. A strong spirit of invention and science, based on trial, error, and freely sharing information.