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expectations for running events at hive76 organization is your utmost responsibility. read this again. organization is YOUR responsibility. If your event is not organized, it will NOT be approved. if (event is better for being at Hive) and (Hive is better for hosting said event) then: get buy in from members -- approach members and float the idea, ask for candid feedback, be willing to rework your initial idea. Most ideas need a lot of work. approach events coordinator and work out scope, intent, audience, potential advertising venues, and ways to get more feedback Classes and Build Events are Valued High Purely Social events are cool but must still meet above criteria and will be even more tightly scrutinized Don't start advertising the event until you get approval from events coordinator. BUT WHAT IF YOUR EVENT IS TOMORROW??? Sorry, you did not do proper planning. See above. find resistance? ask management/members/board still find resistance? Ask another one of our friendly MakerSpaces and Co-Working spaces around the city. TheHacktory, IndyHall, NextFab Studio, PhillyCocoa may all be great venues for your event.