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Hive76 has a wide combination of equipment owned by members on loan, Hive owned equipment, and personal equipment at the space, but only for private use. To help manage what can be used by who, we have a sticker system.

Sticker policy


Member Matt C cut and donated a set of hexagonal stickers in red, yellow, and orange.

Red stickers

A member should put these on items they bring in that should not be handled without permission.

Yellow Stickers

These stickers are for items that belong to a member, are for general use, but should not be disassembled or trashed.

Orange Stickers

Decorative only

Unmarked items

These should be considered fair game for Guff. Of course it looks expensive, someone might have just not labeled it. Use your best judgment, and ask on the discussion or members email list if you are not sure.

Equipment list