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Come Visit!

Once a week, Hive76 holds an Open House, where we invite all comers to join us for some burritos, drinks, and good company (If anyone ever said that alcohol and power tools don't mix, they've never been to our open house!) Swing by at 7:30 on any Wednesday night, and bring some friends. Lots of interesting people are always around to listen to your ideas or lend some advice. If you can't make it to Wednesday's meeting, consider joining our very active Discussion List, where you can listen in on our wild ideas or pitch your own.

Come with an open mind

We're probably not what you expect, and you might not be what we were expecting. Life is full of little surprises, and we're doing what we can to keep it that way. Mostly we want to learn about things, and build nifty stuff. Some of us like tearing things apart, or inventing. But, we're game for pretty much any creative endeavor or chance to learn, from languages to lockpicking, woodworking to knitting mathematics, and everything in between.

Don't eat that!

We are not child safe. We are barely adult safe. Folks entering the space can be exposed to adult-themed ideas, concepts, language and items. We have some tools and materials that can be hazardous and require training. Children are welcome to the space with close adult supervision, and adults, just be prepared for what you may encounter.

Guests of the Members

Guests are always welcome. If you're a guest of a member, please be considerate, and treat people (and their stuff), as you (and your stuff) would like to be treated. Clean up after yourself, ask before using tools/guff, and most importantly, have fun!

Hostile network

The network at Hive76 should be regarded as potentially hostile. This means that, although we discourage destructive tinkering, you should assume that any unencrypted communications over the network could be seen by others. We have no reason to suspect foul play on "the tubes" at the Hive, but it is wise to be aware of the potential for sniffing/tracking of internet activity. Stick to using SSL or secure VPNs for anything you don't want other people in the room to read (including passwords). If you don't know how to protect your communications with encryption, someone would be glad to help you. Thanks to Noisebridge for the great Visitor Advice template!