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Scrum Process

Hive76 uses a somewhat extended version of Scrum to manage internal projects. The three primary concepts in our process are the Product Backlog, the Sprint, and the Stand-Up.

Product Backlog

  • New stories are recorded in the Hive76 Product Backlog
  • Anyone can add a new story to the product backlog at any time
  • Each story should generally be completed within the time frame of 1 Sprint
  • Completed stories are moved to the Done sheet at the monthly Retrospective meeting


  • Sprints are 1 month long
  • Retrospective Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month to review progress, discuss what went well, and what could be improved.
Scrum Wall Example

Stand-up and Scrum wall

  • Stand-ups are held once a week, on Wednesday at 7pm sharp
  • Stand-ups are led by the Scrum Master
  • Each participant will discuss what has been done since the last stand-up, what they plan to do for the next stand-up, and what issues they had.
  • Detailed discussion about a given task will be tabled until after the stand-up by the Scrum Master
  • Only one person has the floor at a time, indicated by the Dora bat
  • New tasks should be created for each story being worked on and placed into the Not Started lane
  • Tasks can only be added to or moved on the Scrum wall at the stand-up
  • Specific tasks should be broken up into portions that can be accomplished in 1 week's time
  • Tasks in the Not Started lane are unassigned and can be picked up by anyone to work on
  • When a task is accepted, the owner should mark the task with their initials and place the task into the In Progress lane
  • If a task is unable to be completed due to outside influences (vendors, people outside our group, etc.), they should be placed in the Blocked lane
  • Already completed tasks can be placed immediately into the Completed lane
  • If you arrive after the stand-up has started, you should enter quietly to not disturb other participants

Scrum Master

More Roles

  • You can read about other standard Scrum Roles [here]