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What is a hackerspace?

It's a shared space used by makers, DIYers, and hackers to build, share tools and ideas, and make things awesome.

So I've read through your site, but I was wondering... how do you, you know, make money?

We are a not a for profit company, and we don't have any employees yet, so we don't need much to get by. Our rent , utilities, and work around the space are covered by Membership dues in time and money. As we grow and do more, we are planning to go after grants, and fund activities by doing some cash positive classes and events.

Can I come by and use ...

Probably. Officially, we are here for the use of our members. *And* we have some concerns about insurance. But in general we are pretty open, and we have some tools. We do have a few things (a nice jigsaw, a good drill-press) that we don't let just anyone off the street use, but usually you can get a member to spend a little time helping if you have a specific need. In general, when any members are around, the space is open for people to swing by and co-work in or use for their own purposes.

You have an awesome space! Could I use it to host something?

We hope so! We are glad to open our space as a venue to anything that furthers our goals as a group. If you have something unrelated you want to use our space for, we can usually work something out. Our space is primarily a build space, but we can and will use it to host programs as long as it doesn't interfere with our existing events schedule, or case too much inconvenience for the members.

I know some cool stuff to share! Could I teach a class with you folks?

Sure, we'd love to have check out having some new classes. Email contact@hive76.org, and we can work out a plan for having a class with you. Please send us how long you think the class would be, and some other nuts and bolts info, and maybe pick a few days you would prefer. We'll work with you from there.

I'd like to get involved! How do I do it?

Well, jump on the mailing list and let us know, and we can find something cool we need help on. Or, sign up to become a [[Membership | Member] and help support the space.

I'd like to do a story on your crew. Who do I talk to?

Awesome! email Contact@Hive76.org, and we will get back to you. Let us know and we'd be happy to arrange a time to chat. You can also check out our Flickr photostream.

Who are you folks? Do you work on this full time?

We're just a group of people around and in Philadelphia that wanted to make the city a bit cooler, and have a great project space. Hive (for now) is a volunteer efforts, no one works on it full (or part) time yet, so far its 100% volunteer.

I'm a part of a community organization, and I think we can do some awesome stuff together!

Great! Drop us a line and tell us about yourself and your ideas.

How can I keep up with the awesome stuff that Hive76 does?

We have an announcement mailing list, a weblog, and a (very active) discussion group. We also have an events calendar with an iCal feed. Feel free to join any of them.

Are you a 501(c)3 non-profit?

Not yet, but we are working on it. We do have PA nonprofit status, and plan to file for 501(c)3 by the end of 2010.

Do you have this particular thing that I'm looking for?

We're still working out our inventory system, so we can't tell you just now. But you can stop by Open House any Wednesday at 8PM, and look for yourself.

I have a request or suggestion or problem.

Thanks for the feedback. Email Contact@hive76.org, and let us know your thoughts or concerns. It might take a few days to get back to you, but we will follow up on it, and let you know we got your message.