Board Meeting Notes 2010-11-22

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Board Meeting 2010.11.22 Present: Jack Z, Far M, Jordan M. Not Present: Steph A This meeting was called on short notice, to discuss some issues that came up recently and needed to be dealt with.

Means of addressing conflicts if they arise

There have been some pretty serious discussion about what Hive is up to recently, and some heated discussion. The board has decided to adopt a conflict resolution template in case The goal is to move conflict ( nonproductive argument ) back to discussion. Info on it is available on the wiki at:

Official approval of working with Athas Nikolakakos.

We agreed as a board to retain Athas Nikolakakos via Philly VIP orgnization. We are working with the assumption that Adam Kaufman will be our primary contact, and will setup the feedback within the orgnization to keep interested members/board in the loop. We suggest an email alias or mailing list for members interested in this specific project.

Complaints from other 915 5th floor Tenets

Jack filled us in on Steve D. Stopping by to talk about concerns from neighbors on the floor. There are issues with some neighbors blaming hive (correctly or incorrectly) for some problems on the floor. Steve has indicated that we may be evicted if there are more complaints, and he is in the process of removing people from other floors. We discussed contacting people on the floor, having an open house, doing a party after POST. Asking for more info from Steve was discussed. We discussed an making an official reply to Steve, but decided to wait until management made new policy, and had a chance to deal with the issue.

Discussion of Honorary Board Members

Discussed having 1 or 2 'Honorary' board members. They can't vote, but they can opt-into conversation for input from peer spaces. For example someone like Bre Pettis (NYCR) or Mitch Altman, Sean Bonner (crashspace) or Matt Forr (Baltimore Node). We have no bylaws for/against this, and if the Board agrees, we could make this a policy. There was discussion on why this would be useful, drawback to the idea, and if it would be of interest to potential honorees. There was no general agreement on the topic, and it was agreed it was low priority, and could be decided on later.


We discussed the upcoming Board Member elections. Chris should run the elections if possible. Only nominees are Georgia G. and Adam K. so far, and nominations close that evening.

Board Tasks

Jordan: Email Athas w. official retention notice (DONE) Jordan: Posted/Made conflict resolution guidelines for the board (DONE) Far: Summarize and post board meeting notes. (DONE) Far: Call Steve D. Discuss issues with him, ask for info/advice. Forward info to the management. (Pending. Steve is NA) Jack: Call a management meeting, make sure issues for the floor are addressed . (DONE